1) I hate when I go someplace with my children and other children are running around like little animals and their parents are no where to be found. If I am trying to keep mine in line and yours keeps knocking the crap out of mine and no one but me seems to care, then Lord forgive me Im gonna let my son hit them right back. You dont like it you say? Well niether do I !!

2) I hate when I am parenting my child and someone else feels they need to parent them to. I keep them on a short leash so instead of worrying about what ever is going on with my kid go find yours.

3) I hate when I tell my son no he cant have something and then some one else gives it to him. That is disrespectfull and it underminds me. I have enough trouble without anyone else adding to it.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:47 AM i totally agree with you, I get so mad when kids run like a pack of wild dogs, and I get so pissed when my mother in law sticks her nose in and tries to take care of my kids needs when I am right there, we have actually  had fights about it and she is so aware that she pisses me off so now when she does it she apologizes yet-----she still does it, amazing!!!!!!

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Jun. 12, 2008 at 6:10 PM I feel exactly the same way!  No 3 hits REALLY hits home with me.  My soon to be MIL does this ALL the time.  It feels like she is stripping me of my motherhood.  Constantly going through my house finding things she clearly doesn't like and is verbal about it.  She hates it when my son gets dirty from playing out side like what is NORMAL and wants him changed 40 times a day!   He is a little boy and is going to get dirty!  Says things to me only when her son is not present.  He tells me to let her have it, but I try so hard to gain respect from her.  There is a DEMON side of me that wants to respond in like mannor and say   "You know the trouble with you old people is that sence you realize all the mistakes with your kids, don't think you can clear your conscience through altering what I do with mine!!!  I am just as wise as you were at my age!"     LOL!!!!   But I won't,  I will just clench my teeth and smile and try to be nice. Its so hard sometimes.

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