85 degrees  Sunday, June 01, 2008

I know I had said in an entry before that the ciculation in our room sucks, well now the air is completely broken!!! The iar is set on 70 but it is 85 degrees in the house. So RJ's mom is just leaving the air off so she doesnt run up her bill and is planning on calling the people she rents the house out for first thing Monday morning. It was 85 in the house today and outside was 90. I am so miserable.

The funny thing about the whole situation is the fact that his parents does not really care about how I feel even though I am pregnant (at least I see it like that, but now we found a way for our room to be cool and the rest of the house is an oven. SO its like pay back for me being so miserable lately. I know this probably sounds bad, but I am glad they are so miserable. I dont mean to sound selfish but with the way the have been treating both me and RJ, they deserve it!!!!

Like today I was simply trying to talk to RJ's step dad and because he was pissed off at RJ's mom he snapped at me. We try so hard to be nice to him and help him out as best we can and he never seems to be grateful. Sometimes I just want to tell him off but I know I cant!!!

But the way we got it to be so cool in here is quite funny actually. All we did was put our fan in the window and now its sucking all the air from outside and making the room feel so good. when I walk outside of our room it honestly feels like I am going to die of a heat stroke, but when I walk in this room sometimes it feels so cool I get chill bumps. Finally I have found a way to stay cool!!!!!


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:35 AM Also what I had to do when I was pregnant and it was hot HOT with no relief , I used to get a bowl of water and put ice cubes in it...and then used wash cloths and soaked them in the water....and put the ice cloths on my ankles, wrists , and the back of my neck and this really helped bring my body temp down a bit during those three long summer pregnancies !   Only one of my pregnancies was in the winter...good luck!

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