Your HUGE!!!!  Sunday, June 01, 2008

Today while we were out and about I saw a few people that RJ knows and a few that I know.

We stopped by a place that I used to work and my old manager told me how big I had gotten. She hadnt seen me and a few months and was suprised to see how big I was. The way she said it hurt my feeling a little and I think she noticed because she rubbed my belly and said "But its all baby."

The other people we saw was one of RJ's friend and his cousin who is also pregnant.

RJ's friend had remembered meeting me before I was pregnant and when he looked at me he goes "Wow you got big." It wouldnt have bothered me had two people in a row not said the same thing. His cousin on the other hand just walked up to me and started poking my belly sying "Hey little boy". I think she was a little better because she is pregnant too and knows how it feels to be called big.  The thing was you couldnt tell she was pregnant at all. She wasnt showing. Shes 24 weeks and I know when I was at 24 weeks I was  showing very well.  So it did  upset me a little knowing that I am this big.

I just wish someone would see me and tell me that I am small for how big they were at this point. It would make me feel like Im not such a blimp.


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