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1 I would have to say lying gets my goat, why do you lie to anyone , specially since eventually they are going to find out and then you are worse off then before. Or you have to tell another lie to cover the first one and get caught ina  vicious cycle of who did I tell what to??

2. Judgementalism- I cannot stand for someone to judge another person. Do not base your opinion of someone  off of a/ gossip you have heard, b/ how they look or dress, c/ the behavior of those they surround themselves with, or d/ well their parents were trouble so the kids are too.. I am aware that the saying goes you are the company you keep but that is sooo irresponsible, I am sure everyone of us has a an indvidual in our lives we are not keen on their choices but we talk to them because they act a different way around us. or they are trying to get away from those people and need new friends. How fair is it to label a child from youth based solely off the parent's life. I realize that upbringing has a lot to do with how a person turns out , but I also am aware that so do outside influences, did it ever occur to you the child realizes the mistakes of their parents and chooses to be different and rise above their upbringing, they cannot help who parented them, they can help how they turn out. 

3 Cruelty to children of any form, especially those with disabilities. My son is ADHD and has gastrointestinal problems. I have spent the last 5 years fighting a school system filled with people who do not want to interuppt their school day to help my son when he has issues. what they have missed out on is a wonderful talented child, who is compassionate and sensitve for others, but the label is applied and they go no further. which is why I removed him from teh school system and homeschooled him. Adults who LIED to the school board because they did not want to lose the money they get from my son, but they did not want to deal with his IEP either and I was told by the principal" I fI do for him I have to do for everyone" UMMM no you don't HE has an IEP , they do not..and these are the people we are supposed to entrust our children too, the principla would literally seek my son out to give him grief, the day i withdrew him he followed him because he was not in school dress code. (Hello I withdrew him he is returning books not staying the day) He literally yelled at my son and followed him till he found out that I was in the building, then he ran like a coward. I had already gotten them in trouble for trying to get me arrested for truancy on doug when he has a 504 due to health issues which removes that ability. the next day when we had to come back he followed doug all teh way to the door and made the comment he had seen him more while he was withdraing then he had all schoool year. I got out of the car and he ran again, imagine that. It's ok I filed a complaint (yet again ) on him with the board.. I will fight for a child like a bear defends her cubs...

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