Yesterday, my brother and his girlfriend came over for the day. I had to work for a few hours so they stayed with the kids. They had a blast.

They had fun play tusslin.

Ryder is my rock star in training...he was rockin out!!  Singing..."my mudda is great and my fadda is great"..LOL

hitting the high notes..LOL

Jesse wanted to sing along...

This little guy didn't want to move from in front of my car.

After many minutes of waiting, he finally hopped to the side. I think I could've gotten out of my car and picked him up and moved him. He was so sweet.

The hugest turkey I have ever seen was just hanging out on the soccer field at the high school. He did have a friend with him, not as big though. We could eat for weeks with this one turkey. The kids wanted to get out of the car and tackle him..LOL

Christian and his band getting ready for the big CD release party that is today..can't wait!!


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 12:56 PM COOL...where is the party?  What kind of music?

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