I have hit a major point of frustration with my post baby weight.  I really never worried about my weight after #1 or #2.  It just fell off with breastfeeding and taking care of the kids.  I think however that the 3rd baby in barely over 3 years was all my body could take, not to mention I'm not getting any younger. 

I have almost suspected that I had a thyroid issue since having Liviana. I am ridiculously tired all day long.  The fatigue is not attributable to lack of sleep with a young infant, as I am getting more sleep with her then I was when I was pregnant with her and up with Miles so often.  I am so incredibly tired all the time, I could almost fall asleep while looking at someone in the midst of conversation.  My weight does....not.....budge.  It has stayed virtually the same, less 3lbs. for about 3  months now.  That is just bizarre for me.  I am nursing TWO babies.  I almost always have a babe attached to me.  I am not over -eating, no where close.  

 I am having to wear my maternity clothes!  It really, really upsets me and is leaving me feeling slightly depressed for the first time in my life.  I am not comfortable in this body at all.  It is not me.  I feel like a nasty, blubbery, blimp.  I still look pregnant most of the time which of course, is not helped by having to wear maternity clothes.  I was so horrified the other day when some of my maternity pants did not even fit. I quickly jumped to the explanation that I must have washed and dried them at some point on hot.....I doubt it though. 

I have taken some steps with adding coconut oil to my diet to possibly address a thyroid issue (www.coconutoil.com).  I saw some amazing immediate results with a 3.5lb. weight loss in 2 days.  It has now stayed at a 3.5lb. loss in 2 weeks.  I have felt more energy since making this change also which is certainly welcome too.  I watch what I eat, not alot of crap at all.  I am active although I know I could be more active.  

So, here is what I am going to do.  I am going to get this weight loss going and I  need any advice, assistance, suggestions and motivation from you ladies.  I am dedicated to this because I cannot live like this anymore.  I am so uncomfortable in my own skin right now and I have never, ever felt like this before.  

I am going to add some additional activities each day/week and report them weekly,along with my weight loss progress.  I really think that being accountable to the virtual world of my CM friends will help me take more active steps rather then just thinking it is going to fall off like before.  I have to do this without joining  a gym because I don't have a babysitter option too often and I can't take Liviana to a gym childcare for fear of her getting ill.  I will have to become a living room workout diva or take numerous walks with kids in tow....I'll figure something out.  

My goal is to lose 20lbs. by July 4.  I know that sounds like alot but my body has shed more weight then that in the same time period two time before with no work at all.  I weighed myself this morning and I am at....gulp....165.  I want to get to 145, which is still about 8lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am 5'10 and some may think that is low but that is where I have always been (although sometimes  closer to 125 and NOT healthy) and that is where I am comfortable.   My joints are starting to hurt and I am starting to see other residual side effects of carrying around so much extra weight, for so long that my body is not used to.  

So, consider this my first installment of my weight loss journey.  I hate to disappoint on day one but I am ill, battling the same virus that gave Liviana pneumonia so I am not going to do too much today.  I will try to post my weekly progress each weekend and hopefully we will start to see some progress.  I really, really need to do this as it is starting to get me down and that is just not me.  

Thanks ladies for any help or motivation you can provide. 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:44 AM good luck chica.. I dont have any adnice unfrotunately ...   I am currently on the same path... Im just doing it by going to the gym when I can ....

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 8:35 PM If you're looking for a weight loss partner, I'm in! I am currently at your goal weight, but here's the kicker...........I'm barely 5'4"! So, you have 6" on me. My goal is 128, because I am naturally curvy and I'm in an office all day.  I'm eating healthy, watching portions, running on the treadmill for the first time ever.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:11 PM I know how you feel 100%. This was baby #3 for me in 4 years and I am stuck stuck stuck on the same stupid number. I'm also breastfeeding and eat a healthy diet. I use my elliptical for 30-45 minutes 4-5 times a week and it's like this fat is permanently attached to me. You know, the only time I did ose weight after my other 2 kids was once I was done breastfeeding, not during. Perhaps the body is in a way holding on to that "energy" in order to make milk. It's kind of like people who starve themselves and then eat, the body will pretty much convert that whole meal into fat because it doesn't know when the body will go into starvation mode again. So just try to do what you're doing already by eating healthy and staying active. I'm almost positive that you will see a more significant difference in your weight once you're body is done using some of its energy for making milk, especially for 2 babies.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:37 PM

Dieting is NOT fun.  I know...I've been there.  But let me tell you what has helped to "jump start" a couple of people I know.  It's called Holy Tea.  I've just ordered mine.  A friend's Pastor's wife just lost 30lbs. with the help of this tea.  Take a look at the tea and add it to your diet.  I believe it will help your journey.


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Jun. 22, 2008 at 9:29 PM

My dietition explained to me that pregnancy is one of those lovely things that raise the setpoint of the body.  Pregnancy and the post partum period lasts at least one year.  During this time the weight naturally rests higher.  It is during this prolonged period at a higher weight that the bodies setpoint is raised.  Our bodies instinctively strive to maintain the new setpoint.  This is also why we feel especially hungry when we attempt to lower our weight through diet and exercize.  Our bodies internal clock practically pushes us to eat enought to maintain that higher weight!  Lovely.

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