I know that times are tough for most people.  We have been having a rough time for some time now.  My husbands hours at work had been cut back to about 30 hours a week and I am a SAHM.  We have really struggled to make ends meet.  He and I both have several applications out for part time work, but nothing yet.  The weeks of May 11TH - 24TH were pretty hard on us.  We ran out of propane.  Our hot water heater and stove run off of propane.  Not too bad, at least we have water to shower with, even if it is cold.  We used small electric appliances to cook with.  So we managed pretty well.  But last week, I knew our water bill would be late and we would pay it 5 days late.  Well, the day before payday, our water company showed up to shut off the water and handed me a $214 water bill.  Now our water and sewage runs on average $120 monthly.  I just broke down.  I started crying and could not stop.  The man said, "It's not that bad."  All I could think was, you have no idea!!!  Anyway, I asked him not to shut off the water because we would pay the bill the next day, and to please not charge us the extra fees.  He agreed!!  Thank You Jesus.  But my faith had completely crashed.  I just cried all day.  I said out loud that I was giving up, that there was no point in holding on anymore.  Well, my 10 year old daughters reply to that was, "Mom, what happened to, 'God will supply all of our needs!'?"  A slap in the face to say the least.  Back to reality and please forgive me Lord for doubting You.  I failed that test.

So, Friday afternoon my husband calls me on the way home from work.  He asked if I was sitting down.  I said just tell me what's going on.  "I was laid off today."  was his reply.  Well of course I cried.  I called several friends and asked them to keep us lifted up in prayer.  This time, I KNOW that God has a huge plan for us.  My husband really flipped out.  He wanted to turn the car over to the bank and move in with his parents because we rent our home.  I just told him to hang on.  God has a plan and we have to wait and see what He has in store for us.  DH calmed down after the initial shock and he is at peace now.  Thank You Jesus!!  This test, I would say we defiantly passed.  We are relying 100% on God, because our earthly resources have run out.  We have been good stewards and I know that God has something really wonderful in store for us.  Thank You God for allowing us to pass this test.  Help us continue to stay strong in You. 

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