I can hide inside my imagination. When things get to be too much I can close a small part of my self off into my thoughts. I can go anywhere in my favorite books, be anyone in my favorite movies or shows. I can be a warrior.  I can be a sister or friend or lover. I can eb rescued, I can be saved by someone stronger than me. I can go where I am not a mother, not a wife. Where the day to day to struggles and happenings do not happen to me, but to someone else. Someone who does not exist, I can lock it away in a box, to take out and examine later. In my imagination there are no bills to be paid, no vacations ruined. No wondering which fight I will referee next, or if it will come down on me through the fault of only being there. No watching the ones I love struggle from day to day to do simple tasks like getting up. No pretending that everything is fine so that others do not see anything wrong. No taking on so many of other peoples problems that they weigh on me and become my own. No screaming children, no fear or heartache but that of my own making. A place where my favorite people come alive, people I would love to surround myself with.

Its crazy, 

its immature,

but its an escape, and its mine.  

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:22 AM

LOL join the club. If I could not do the same thing, I would be stark raving mad by now. There's no shame in it. " Calgon Take Me Away ! " lol


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