Well lets see.

1.)  The number one thing that makes me angry faster than the blink of an eye is someone telling me how to raise my daughter.  Hey she's mine BACK OFF!  Thats just the way that I see it.  Don't give my down the road because she isn't wearing a hat.  Its cause she has hair and doesn't need one.  Don't hang out the window of your car to tell me that she needs a blanket on her legs when its 95 degrees in the freaking shade.  Excetra.

2.) Don't tell me how to cook.  I know how.  I went to school to  learn.  UNLESS I ask you about a recipe don't tell me how to fix it!!!

 3.)  Being second guessed.  I know what I'm talking about most of the time, so don't ask me 6 times about the same thing.  PLEASE.  It irrates me to death.  Unless my answer is IDK don't second guess me.



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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:26 AM Sounds like my mother in law. Do u know her? LOL!!

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