Hi all, just a check up. I know I have been gone for a while now. But I think I am starting to get back in to the swing of things. Everything has been so crazy! Conner rarely takes a nap in the afternoon now, so I am not getting much time during the day to get on. When he does finally go to sleep I pick up a little, and lo and behold, he is up again...LOL. By the time night comes, that is my time to finish picking up and spend some time with Billy. Plus we have been taking that nice long hour drive to my dads a lot lately. That in its self makes for a long day.  So as far as whats going on with us. We are officially trying again for a baby. The Dr. told me that whenever I felt like my body was ready, we were good, so yea...... Plus I am so paranoid right now. My DH had a dream the other night that we had twins, just like me you are probably thinking yea so it was a dream, but what makes it weird is that he NEVER sees faces in his dreams(not even mine, weird I know) but this time he did, and that just makes me so paranoid! I'm crazy I know! But the fact that he could sit there and tell me what they looked like, just freaked me out! So anyway, my dads fiance took me out to get my hair done, and I am sooo loving it. I have never had it done like that before. It actually makes me feel kinda attractive...LOL. Other than that, not much has happened with me!

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