What are you doing?

No, not your neighbor. Not the guy down the street. Not your mayor. Not your governer. Not your sister in law.

What are YOU doing? To make the world a better place.

It's easier than you think. No joke.

Some of you think I'm refering to our enviroment, others think of our education system. Others think of our eternal souls, and more think of the moral state of humanity. In truth, I'm refering to it all.

Making our world a better place requires us to come together and work from all angles. Not everyone can do everything, so it's going to take alot of us.  But even one more voice to the throng, or even, that first voice to sing out, will make all the difference. If you find that your life has no meaning, bring meaning to someone elses.

This mom, is doing her part in a big way. She's right here on Cafemom.

Written by: syuratick

She wrote a post that is now on our popular list about Tolerance. She's even started her own site.


Here is the link for her post.


Read it. Vote Popular. Check her out and let her know what an amazing thing she's working towards.

There are HUNDREDS more every day heroes. Hundreds more that are working towards a more beautiful world. I'll find them. I'll post them. I'm going to continue to give them their E-hugs.

More than that though, I'm going to take their lessons to heart and not let them end on my computer screen. I'm going to bring the lesson into my home. My girls will know what it means to truly love their neighbor.

My personal fight for the world, is spreading the message of LOVE. That's how I'm doing my part. That's how I'm going to help make the world a better place.

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