So we were outside playing yesterday trying to teach Cadence how to peddle her bike.... Andon was riding his bike when BAM! He wasn't paying attention to where he was going and rode his bike into the bake of Shane's scout (which was parked in the middle of the driveway!) I am on the other side of the driveway (we have a big circle drive) when I hear Andon SCREAM! I ask Shane if he is bleeding and he says YUP as he swoops Andon up. I run into the house to grab a wet wash cloth so we can clean him up.... when we do get it cleaned up some what we see the extent of the crash... he had put a nice big hole in his head right about his left eyebrow..... so deep that you can see white! So we take him to the Express Care at the hospital and my poor little boy has to get 2 stitches in his head! Well they tried to numb it by using a needle to insert it but the dr couldn't get it deep enough so I had to pretty much lay down on my son while Shane helped the nurse hold his head so the dr could stitch him up! It took everything I had NOT to cry! So my baby @ 4yrs old had to get his first stitches!

Well on to the rest of our eventful night.... my best friend Miranda had offered to watch the kids for Shane and I so we could have a quiet night together.... so around 7:30 we dropped the kids off at her house and we headed out to dinner..... all was going well we finished dinner and were on our way home to watch movies.... When Miranda called to let us know the tornado sirens were going off and the kids were scared and wanted to talk to us... which in turn scared me (we live about 20mins away from where Miranda lives) so we pull into our driveway and Miranda calls again saying that they are still going off and said that rotation will be over Parsons around 9:20...... it's 9pm... so Shane TAKES OFF! We were not going to leave our kids there we wanted to be with them if something should happen! Thank goodness we could still see the sky so we could see if anything was forming... but by the time we got to Miranda's it was POURING and HAILING!!! We grabbed the kids (we were going to try and make it back home) And told Miranda to get in the car.... well she wouldn't leave her dogs so we left her there..... and headed out.... well it was raining even more and the hail was getting bigger so we decided to stop and wait it out at the hospital..... so that is what we did until 10pm! Thank goodness nothing hit us and we were safe and sound. We got home around 10:30, the kids passed out before we even left Parsons! They were tired and worn out!

So to say the least that is going to be one May 31st I will never forget!!! LOL!
Hope everyone else had better weekends! Oh but on a good note... I am going to go see Sex and the City this afternoon!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:53 AM You will LOVE that movie! I saw it yesterday!  It is excellent! 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:33 PM Boys will be boys huh. Good thing that didnt happen to your daughter, She would have a scar on her pretty pretty face. How did your son take it. What a tropper and then to top off with a tornado I am so glad that I only have to deal with snow glad to hear that everyone is okay. Oh just to let you know we never got that Flat stanley :( It must of got lost or something. I hope that your week goes better

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