Avery James Shaw

Cradled in the arms of family
But for precious few moments
Avery James Shaw
Was as loved in death
as he would have been in life.
So very tiny, So perfect.
He was called to his
Heavenly Father
Even before his birth.
Avery will forever be
an important part of a very
large family, none of whom
will forget his brief presence.
Now gently held in the arms of Jesus
Avery is united with Family whom
have returned to the House of The Lord.

Through Avery, God's Message
has been clearly heard...
Though this little one
Never spoke a single word.

Blessed is this family
With the Strength and Love.
As they laid to rest this child,
Trusting in God above.

Saddened hearts will heal,
In recovery from anguish.
And of Avery James Shaw
Memories will not languish.

Avery James Shaw

Still born
17 January 2007 @ 7:58 pm
7.4 ounces ~ 7 inches long

Son of Kris and Beth

By BooKaye


© 2007 BooKaye (All rights reserved)


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 12:06 PM

So sorry for your loss, Sweety

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