Ok so anyhow its Sunday so I go to church like usual.  I get there and the first person I see is this 300lb girl in booty shorts that are two sizes too small and a tank top in church!  (clarification... I only mentioned her aprox weight b/c it gives the full picture of what I saw today when I walked in- I'm not against people that carry a few extra lbs but I do wish that everyon should show some respect for themselves and dress their body accordingly).
Ok so that annoys me, but that's not all.  I see her sit with what must be her husband and he is wearing a tank top!!

WTF.... To all the guys out there tank tops are not meant to wear anywhere but the yard/ around the house or while hanging out on the lake/ or water of some sort!! 

I just think it is gross to see guys in tank tops let alone IN CHURCH!!  Ok so as the service goes on I realize that there is a baptism today.  Here it is the couple's son that the mom is wearing booty shorts and the dad is wearing jean shorts, and a tank top!!  Geezz people show some respect for yourselves.  You have to stand up there in front of everyone and your wearing shorts and tank tops!!  I just wish people would be a bit more respectful of what they choose to wear to church.  I mean I don't expect everyone to come in suits but some nice khakis or clean jeans with a nice top is cool too!  NOT booty shorts and tank tops (for the men)!!

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