If someone came into your life when you most needed them and they understood you like no one before. They always listened to  your problems and constantly gave you good advice. They also seemed to genuinely care about you right from that first instant that you crossed paths. They offered comfort in the time of despair and never judged you till the last day. They gave you the love that you yearned to feel and when  they  left    there soul and heart still remained near,and after  they left you felt   them   at   all times you still felt their presence. If   they  managed to change  your life in miraculous ways and you could tell that they were yearning and suffering with you. Would you believe that it was the presence a Holly presence that had come to help you out in you agonizing day? would you understand why that person knew you and understood you like no other, and then told you that when ever you needed something he'd always be there and that he loved you like no one ever would.

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