Ok most of you know I have to go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes. No big right, go down there throw all the clothes in at the same time and wham done in 2.5 hours. Compared to sitting at my mil's and doing it alllllll day. Its worth spending the 20 bucks every 2 weeks to do it. Now I have nothing against anyone. I don't care about your color or your race or your sexuality. BUT I get to the laundry mat tonight and its empty except for these two really big mexican guys. I mean tall and scary looking. But I refuse to be frightened away, looks can be deceiving right. Besides all my clothes are dirty, I have to wash clothes. Now for those who know where I live, I use the laundry mat by Main Street Grill, because the one behind Hardees is always packed. So I just so happens these guys are using the 3 machines I always use, they're the biggest and it makes it easier. So I figure what the hell I'll just wait. I'm standing around sorting through some of my stuff, answering a text message and the such and they are FUCKING STARING AT ME THE WHOLE TIME. And I don't mean they were taking a glance here or there, I mean blatantly staring. Now when I say I'm doing laundry, it means I'm down to nothing to wear. Its been 2 weeks, I've either borrowed money from Ken or I've gotten paid and I'm desperate enough to do the wash. Oh that reminds me, has anyone else ever heard of feminine wash?? Its for your coochie and the such? I have this internet friend who swears by it, says it rejuvenates her coochie. So I was like what the hell, she tells me get the walmart brand its cheaper and just as good as the name brand. I'm sitting here thinking my pussy is going to do cartwheels or soemthing. Nope, I'm just clean down there. Just as clean as I was when I used body wash or bar soap. So whats the big deal? Its not like I'm tingling or anything. Oh hell but I'm regressing. I was talking about doing laundry. So these guys just keep staring. And trust me, its not cause I looked dazzling. You know when you wash clothes you want everything that you own thats nice to be clean right. So of course I'm standing there in clothes I wouldn't wear to walmart. I didn't even match. I had on pink shorts and a teal green peasant shirt. Plus I paired it with my garfield flip flops, so yeah I looked like a idiot on vacation. Plus it was at like 6pm so the gel that was in my hair is pretty much gone from me rubbing my head and so on. So lets just say, I didn't look good. So I ignore them, they aren't harming me anyway, its a free country and they have every right to be there. Now I'm not creeped out because they are mexican, like I said before that makes no difference, it just paints a better mental picture if you know. I'm creeped out because they tower over me by like a foot at least. I mean huge guys. So after they empty one washer I start to fill it, and the one guy comes over the empty the next one and he's towering over me without even meaning too. He just took up that much space. So I thought omg I'm going to hyperventalate. Ok so jump ahead, its still just the three of us there. All of their clothes are in dryers, mine are in the washers just washing away. They are again FUCKING STARING AT ME, and then they start talking. Now they do not do the polite thing and start talking in English. They start talking in SPANISH. So now lets recap, they are staring at me in my wonderful attire and speaking in spanish. Call me fucking paranoid but of course I think they are talking about me. Now for those of you who know me, you know I don't like to be stared at. Not by anyone. Granted I'm weird as hell, because I don't like to be stared at naked or dressed but I won't hesitate to walk in front of an open window bareass naked. But again I'm getting off track. Don't stare at me. Look somewhere else, I'm not a dinner plate. I'm not some creamy dessert for your enjoyment. It makes me paranoid, wondering wtf you're thinking. And if you're going to talk about me, make it in freakin english please. Ok so I'm very well aware they probably weren't talking about me. But at the time I was getting paranoid which is something I tend to do and I kept trying to straighten my clothes and whatever. It was embarrassing. So they finally leave and I'm thinking hurray, I've got the place to myself. Wrong, not 5 minutes later an older couple comes in. I know the woman, not personally,but from being at the laundry mat. Why is it that older people feel the need to talk to everyone????? Oh I tried to avoid eye contact, I really did but the BITCH kept FUCKING STARING AT ME, it was like she wanted me to look up so she could talk to me. I finally just had to look up, I gave her a very annoyed leave me alone look. And you know what she does, she says dear you look upset would you like to talk about it??? I wanted to scream. This staring at me thing just pissed me off today. I don't know why it matters so much but its unnerving. I try not to stare at people. Now I have a question which is totally off and out of no where. But someone said something to me that got me thinking. Say you've met someone, its just a fuck buddy thing. You know you're clean, they say they are clean and you know this person well enough to trust what they say. You're either on birth control like me and have an IUD or you have your tubes tied. Do you use a condom? Now I know better then anyone that you can't trust everyone. Plus no method is 100% accurate. People with IUD's have gotten pregnant and people with their tubes tied have gotten tubal pregnancies. But if you felt it was ok would you do it? Now the other thing I was thinking about, if you've got a fuck buddy and you're not using a condom, would you say it would be too much to ask for the other person as well as yourself not to be with anyone else without protection or at least without telling you?? Ok I know that has nothing to do with washing clothes but it occured to me after something someone said. I'm also sick of being censored in my own personal thoughts and journal posts. Ok thats my extremely long vent for the day. I'll catch ya'll later.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 12:32 PM Girl, you are HILARIOUS!!!  And, yes, I would still use a condom.  People lie to get laid. 

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 12:22 AM

VFEW ... I am exhausted just reading that ... If I smoked, I would need a cigarette!


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