Abuse of any kind.Be it child,spouse,or animal l just see red when hear about it.Having been abused as a kid and then as a woman it makes me crazy when l hear someone else is doing it or going through it. I think what makes me madder is when someone knows a kid is being hurt and they do nothing about thinking someone else will call or it's none of thier business.Which is what everyone else is thinking if they know.

 Another thing that makes me angry is people bitching and whining when it's hours before a store closing and the lines are long.The supermarket seems the worst for this.I don't know how many times l have stood in line with the "pretty" people whining about what waste of time this is.I have asked some of them then why wait to the last second to be here?The answer is l had a party to or friends to see with this look you would not know your not one of the "pretty" people.The worst of it always seems to come out  on Christmas Eve.Look l don't want to be there you don't want to be there so make the best of it when you are there.

 People are the third thing.What is it with these human who see a garbage can not even five feet away and yet throw their pop can on the ground?Food wrappers on the subway or bus like it is a trash can and not public transport.People just don't seem to care about the earth or anyone else sharing the space they walk in.It's no wonder to me any more why the city l live in that used to be known as  the clean city is a now a pig sty.And l see parents letting their kids do the same thing so much for manners or doing the right thing.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:19 PM Yeah!  What you said!!   Those can be added to my list too!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:45 AM Yeah!What you said!!! I agree with you on all of them.The last one 1 about the littering I teach my kid's it is wrong and when they see other's do it I just hope that they won't do it.I hate the people who whine in line at the store's to exspecily during Christmas.But I think the one that I hate the most one you list is #1 being there myself and not having anyone to help me.I think before people should have mental exam before coming parent's.

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