So yesterday my boy went from shaggy to chic. He got his first haircut. Now, my boy already looked about 2, height wise (He's 15 months old), but now with the new haircut he looks like he's somewhere between 3 and 4. I swear, I get enough weird looks because he's not walking, talking, and doing 2 year old things, but now I'll get the weird "Why is your 3 year old not walking?" looks. But, you know what?!?!?! It's all worth it for Nick to look this adorable. I wish I could get a good picture to show all of you. But he's so cute. Anyway, we went to Cost Cutters, and all the women were "oohing" and "aahing" over him. When it was all done, we got a little certificate for him with a bit of his hair taped to it. It was great. And Nick was terrific. He only whined when they sprayed him with water. The worst thing he did was try to watch what was going on when the lady was trying to cut his hair. My baby is growing up.

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