We had a fun day yesterday. We got up at 7am and went to the farmers market downtown. We saw all kinds of stuff. Fruit, veggies, honey bees, crafts, cookies, ect. I asked the girls what they wanted to buy and Kennedy perked up with " potatoes, seaweed to make a salad with and carrots". needless to say we only found red potatoes. So we have plans to make a roast tomorrow so she can eat her potatoes. But we also bough some yellow squash for my grandma and parents. I don't eat squash so basically noone in the house does. We also bought a few yellow onions, some peaches, blackberries, honey in a bear squirty...kennedy had to have that..lol and some honey bbq sauce that caught Bills eye. All of it locally grown and produced. That makes me happy.

 I also meet up with Emily.. the owner of Emily's Creative Crafts. All I can say is her work is awesome. I am starting the girls on Angel Bear Yoga with their homeschooling. They have a CD of stories, etc. When this is playing I would like the girls to lay down on their mats and cover their eyes with an eye pillow. Flax seed and lavender.. you know to help them relax and take everything in without minds racing. So anyway I have been shopping around for a good quality eye pillow...actually I needed 5 of them for us all. Well they would run from $12 and up and god knows the quality of material, herbs, sewing.....well low and behold I find her on cafemom.com. A local stay at home mom that has an at home business making eye pillows and other goodies. Well of course I would rather give our money to someone that is doing that. Plus her prices are fabulous. Needless to say everyone in the house loves their eye pillow and I will gladly sing Emily's praises. Find her at emilyscreativecrafts.110mb.com

Monday we are off to Blueberry Hill to pick blueberries and blackberries....I am abit scared of how much we will return with..lol  but quite sure we will either give them away or eat them. I will let you know.

I have been looking into Taylor and Kennedy being indigos. I ask a few questions and Taylor has no idea. I ask her about feelings, people surrounded in light, etc and she is so far gone from that way of thinking that she can't seem to grasp it. I am so glad I got her away from the rush of school. She is always going 100 miles and hour...I have to get her to stop and just breathe. Easier said than done I know... still have to stop myself alot of times. Thank god Kennedy and Reagan won't have these issues. Kennedy is laid back and not as stressed and worried as Tay. She goes with the flow...just being her. Where I feel Taylor tries too hard. Its gonna take some time but we will get there...

I have to start the big clean out soon...toys, clothes, etc  guess I will do a garage sale. Kennedy already has things set to sale.

Anyways.. enough for now. =)

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