Three??? Psh. I'll actually limit myself to three that are pissing me off right now, then.

People jumping on the "ADHD kids are horrible" bandwagon. Fuck you. I DO have ADHD, no matter what candy land you want to live in where it doesn't exist (fuck you twice for that one) and so does my DH and the only thing 'horrible' about us as kids were the people around us. DH's parents both say that about him and my mom was too busy caring about what everyone else thought to be a parent.  Our kids will probably have ADHD. Do I care? Not one fucking whit. The world is better off WITH them. The greatest minds on the planet have it. The greatest performers, too. Once upon a time, they were just called 'dancers', 'eccentric' or just plain 'bad'. It's always been here, we just didn't have a name for it 50 years ago.

Parents who try to punish/change their kids' personalities. They're horrible people and bad parents, plain and simple. Don't like someone's personality? TOUGH!

Ignorance sums up basically the next twenty things I'd rant about. Ignorance in normal childhood behavior, ignorance in what 'discipline' actually means, ignorance about vaccines (don't care if you vax or not, if you've made a decision in ignorance, you haven't made the right one), ignorance about the fact that children are human beings--not pets to train up into performing monkeys for your friends and family. Ignorance in pet care (parrots should NOT be in cages where they can't spread their wings at least twice in any given direction, they need as much attention and care as a human toddler and what you call 'parakeets' America, is actually a budgie, short for budgerigar and they're ranked the second smartest bird in the world with a vocabulary potential of over 700 words, second only to the African Grey--which should live 60-80 years--which has the intelligence of a 7 year old human--at LEAST). People who 'get rid of' companion animals because they become 'inconvenient' (in parrots, this is the emotional equivalent to being abandoned by an entire flock--it can utterly destroy them... imagine if your family had moved away when you were four years old and left you behind--or sent you to live with strangers... mammals may be more adaptive, but many suffer lifelong emotional damage from this). If an animal might become inconvenient for you--don't get one. Children can NEVER be responsible for an animal's care--the adult is ALWAYS the primary caregiver, even if the child has responsibilities for feeding/watering/cleaning--it's the adult's job to make certain these are done and if they aren't and the animal suffers, the ADULT is responsible for the abuse/death of the animal, NOT the child. Ignorance about circumcision. Ignorance about body modification... Ignorance in all sorts of subjects just pisses me off. 


I have to tack one more on--people who go looking through the journals for things that piss them off just so they can go in and rant to the person. Now, when they're doing something harmful, that's one thing. But when they're just minding their business and posting truthful fact sheets or something for their friends (and friends of friends, why it not being set to friends only) to read and in comes Ms. "You just wrote this to make me feel guilty"... UGH!!! I delete you, so don't even bother. If only I could delete the way you think... (heheh, just joking, refer to #1) 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:04 PM

When someone lies to my face. I have always had a nack for knowing when someone is lying. And it straight pisses me off beyond belief. I figure you want to lie to my face what are you saying behind my back. and if I can't trust you to be honost with the little things I sure can't trust you to be honost with the big things.

When someone degrades me as a person and my children.I have a hot temper anyway and them when someone says something against me that I know is not true it goes right through me. Then there is talking about my kids. you don't talk about my kids and not have me up in your crap.

Just plain stupid idiodic people who don't know what they are talking about. I am one who loves a good debate but I like to have one with an intelligent person. Listening to someone go on about something I know is not true irritates the crap out of me.


MY list can go on

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:41 PM Yeah, the lying gets to me, too. I can't stand it.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:50 PM

Your ADHD rant hit home with me. My daughter has ADHD, as does her dad. My family would often criticize me because of the way she was. My own dad even called me to bitch me out how a horrible parent I am, and that they (as in my dad and my aunts) should have the right to spank her, and how all she needs is a spanking. And another thing that pisses me off is when people accuse parents of using meds as an "easy way out' or it's "lazy". Walk a day in my shoes, until then, back off.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:56 PM My kids will decide if they want to use meds. They worked for me, didn't work for DH. They screwed up his head. And hitting ADHD kids only teaches them violence, even more so than other kids. We tend to be big on the "learn what you live" thing. It just takes learning a whole new way of being a parent.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:44 PM I agree. My DH has adult ADHD, and only got diagnosed at my insistance, after years of being told he was stupid by his family, since he couldnt concentrate in school, and wasnt "perfect" like his bro and sis. UGH!!!! They always made him feel so inferior, yet never got his issues looked into, cause then they would have to admit their kid had a problem. So, they swept it under the rug, and played "perfect family"......I really hate them. Really.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 6:07 PM Jada, can you tell me more about your DH's issues? I still think that John has either ADD or ADHD and but he WILL NOT get tested! He doesn't believe in ADD or ADHD and thinks that it is overdiagnosed, that schools use it to drug kids.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:42 PM Janeen--sometimes I wish there were adult ADHD meds I could take so that I could concentrate (I'm very anti-meds now, after being overmedicated as a kid). It's actually strange for an ADHD kid/adult to be considered 'stupid'--immature, definitely, but it so often leads to gifted or better intelligence... but not always, of course. Usually, though, it's ADD that causes the delayed learning (my ex had ADD). Jada--I'm sorry your DH went through all that, by the by. For me, I was a 'monster', 'bad girl', etc. I couldn't ever 'behave' (even on meds, of course, though the meds helped me a great deal with concentration--I miss it, being able to sit down and finish four books in a day in between playing and television and everything else, getting my assignments done without feeling like I was ripping my mind away from more interesting things, etc.--but what they wanted was me to have a new personality, so they kept upping the dosage until it fried my brain and destroyed my ability to control anger).

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Jun. 12, 2008 at 1:00 AM when I was growning up the ADD or ADHD issue was not even an issue, the first time I heard that anyone I knew was on any med (jr yr in HS) - they were snorting it in class (yes like lines of coke) when the teacher left the room (don't be shocked I went to the catholic HS across from ND-aka their feeder HS) & sharing it with their friends - I think it should not be address as a disorder, when I got older & read the symptoms they fit me perfect as a child & I definately did not have any disorder, I always had lots of friends, lots of hobbies, lots of projects, etc that I could do at once - in college I could take 10 classes in a semester, have 2 jobs & volunteer at the japanese friendship garden doing landscaping on the weekends - not only did it become super-hero-ish when I embrased what made me different but also many of the people I knew later in life had to search thru illegal drugs to keep them going when I can hardly drink a soda without running aorund the place - had my son not come along & wore me out finally I probably would have taken over the world (still might when I get 8 hours of sleep in one night again) - ignore the haters - they will hate everything somehow

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