is having him chase my mom. OK, that sounds a little weird, so let my explain:

My mom has some issuews with her legs right now, and has had for awhile. Well, when my grandma passed, she had an electric wheelchair from the Scooter Store. So, my mom uses it to get around. Well, Nick LOVES to go for rides on his Grandma's lap. Yesterday after a walk to the store, I decided that Nick should get some practice walking outside of the house. Well, this started out as a huge disaster. He was throwing a atntrum in the middl eof the aisles and just having an almost full on temper tantrum. He was mad because I took him off if his Gi Gi's lap. Well, I decided to give it one more shot after we had sat down and gotten a drink. So Mom started ahead, and Nick was all sorts od willing to walk. He was chasing my mom in the chair! He even willingly let go of one of my fingers! (This is a big thing because every other time he's walked while on holding onto one finger, it's because I forced him to let go) So, here's my crazy scheme to get him walking: GO TO THE BIKE TRAIL NEARBY, AND HAVE MOM GO A FEW FEET AHEAD OF NICK AND ME. THEN, MAKE NICK CHASE MOM!!! He has to work for his ride!!!!

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