1. Reward chart- each child will receive a sticker for

good behavior each day. Every time they receive four

stickers the get to pick an item from the “reward bag”.

The reward bag will contain candy, stickers and small toys.

2. Cooking- we will cook once a week. This year I plan

on making our own playdoh, pretzels and more home-

made items.

3. Flashcards- Since we are going to focus on shapes, I

thought each child could make his own flashcards.

They can cut shapes out of magazines or make their

own shapes from everyday items. This will help them see that shapes are everywhere.

4. Scientific Experiments- We will learn what happens to 1. Ice when it melts or freezes.

2. What happens when you blow bubbles in the winter?

3. Make cornstarch suspension (goo)

4. Make our own bubbles from soap and water

5. Surface tension experiment

6. Color science experiment (learning how to

Make new colors)



5. Counting- Instead of counting aloud we will count

items. I want to make it fun, so the items will be

candy, coins, marbles.

6. Fun days- Once a month I want to have a fun day!

1. Kite flying

2. Pj and breakfast

3. Silly clothes day

4. Race car

5. Bubble day

7. Play games- These are some of the games…

1. Red light, green light

2. Duck, duck, goose

3. Musical chairs

4. Freeze

8. Creative art- Do painting that is more creative

1. Recycle day

2. Painting with food

3. Using household items to paint with


9. Job helper chart- Add a clean-up director to this chart. This child will make sure clean up gets done. I also want to find fun items to use during clean-up, such as oversized gloves, tongs.

10. Circle time- We will still have circle time it will


1. Helper chart

2. Day, month and year

3. ABC’s

4. Weather

5. Season

6. Reading books that relate to our weekly theme

7. Reading a daily devotional

8. Shapes from our flashcards we made








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Jun. 18, 2008 at 12:12 PM

I came across your profile during my scavenger hunt.  You have some really good ideas listed.  When I taught daycare(3-5y/o) I did a reward system also.  I called it the POPSTAR.  On this big bulletin board each child had their own envelope.  When they would listen, follow the rules or even just because I felt like rewarding them for no reason, they would get a oversized Popsicle craft stick.  It would go into the enelope  When a child got 10 sticks, they were turned in and got to pick something from the Treasure box.  The prizes were donated by parents- old McDonald toys, dollar toys etc.  It was the child's responsibility to keep track of the number of sticks.  Children could loose sticks if they disobeyed the rules of the classroom.  No matter what though, the children would never have a negative balance.  The children could only lose what they had.  They were able to earn them back. 

All your ideas sound so much fun.  I hope you are having fun with the kids this summer!

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