Has anyone put ther child in those music classes for young children? If so please let me know if it is  worth the money.

Thanks , Shal 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 9:18 PM I put my 2 year old son in Mustiek Garten Music lessons. They were $115. for 3 months of classes once a week for 45 min. and a kit which was a cd of songs u learn and music sticks. My son loved them and he learned how to take turns with other kids and share. I thought they were totally worth the money. My kids stay at home with a person who comes in and sits them when we go to work, so they aren't really around a lot of kids, so that is why i put him in the music so be around other kids. If your kids go to a day care where they are around others all the time not sure if it is worth it for u.

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