Question: Do you give your kids flouride?




I don't give it to them, but it's in the city's tap water already

I Dont give it to them, or drink my tap water

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Ok we live in a very rural area so we have well water or spring water here. So my daughterd Ped. wants to perscribe her some floride to put in her bottle, since there is no floride in the water here. He wrote me the slip but I never got it filled. My husband is very against the idea, and Im not to fond of the idea either. I don't plan to fill the perscription, or have my daughter take flouride when she starts school. Are we just weird and paranoid, or does anyone else not like the idea of giving their child flouride?

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:08 PM

I would LOVE to have flouride in our water.. my daughter is two and her teeth look like hell because of the lack of flouride in the water here in germany.  I know many people are against it but lack of flouride is the number one cause of tooth decay in toddlers.

We cant brush their teeth with adult toothpaste or i would, so the only way for her to get it (up until now) was by water

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:49 PM

Flouride was used to kill rats and everything else during the war when the men would  have to sleep outside. My father in law goes on and on about how dangerous it is. Here's a really informative link you might like. Scroll down to the pic. of something blowing up to get to the point once you go there. Flouride does have it's benefits like the lady above me said and I am not anti-flouride or anything, but I do keep these little bits of info. in the back of my mind and try to avoid flouride as much as I can.


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