So I got back from seeing my husband on Friday!! It was so GREAT!! I was so happy to see him, and it sucked so bad leaving him again :-( I cried when I had to take him back to his barracks! It was rough. But The day was amazing!! He looked SO Great!! He lost over 30 pounds, and boy, could you tell!! Everything on him was smaller, and more fit. He was a big boy when he went in!! Well I will be leaving soon to go to San Antonio, I was supposed to go right down, but I decided to stay in bowing green, and save up  2 pay checks so I had some cash flow. my husband wants me to go down there right now, but he will be in AIT, and more than likely won't be allowed to leave for a while anyways. But he keeps saying, just come down now, just come down now. I dont want to be digging in trash cans for food for 2 weeks! 1 of his paychecks will go towards rent alone, then i will have no money for food! so I just keep teling him that, then he will come back and say well borrow money from your parents, and i already owe them money, so I really don't want to do that!! Ok just wanted to get that out!! Thanks for listening!

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