So, I have been really moody and hormonal lately.  Crying for no reason, or so I thought.  Like the other night, we rented "Over Her Dead Body" with Eva Longoria, and afterward when we went to bed, I started balling.  Why?  Have NO clue.  Now, I have been taking, like a box or two of pregnancy tests a month.  Well, I finally cut back because they were all coming back negative and I was sick of getting my hopes up and then for them to be cut down.  So, I had one left, and it happened to be an easy to read one.  One that says, "Pregnant, Not Pregnant".  So, being curious as to why I have been acting the way I have been, I took it.  Well, I almost fell over when I saw what it said!!  OMG...I walked out of the bathroom and said

   "Um....Honey, I think we have a problem!"

  He looked at me like I was crazy.  My niece asked if the toilet was clogged, and I said no...  I walked up to my husband and showed him....I didn't know what/how to feel about this.  I really wanted one like a month ago, and now that we are both unemployed, I really wasn't sure.  Well, I guess I had no choice anymore!!

But today...I am pretty excited!!  I finally get another baby.  Unfortunately I have to wait 9 months, LoL.  I am really excited though.  I get to go through everthing all over again.  All the kicks, the appointments, the delivery, and then holding my little angel.  And the great thing about this is, my SIL is preggers too.  So, it makes everything a little bit better....

Now I just have to tell our family....EWWW!!!

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