And we were there until like 10PM.  Two days ago Caleb woke up at 3AM which is unusual for him b/c he sleeps through the night now and I made his bottle and fed him.  He took about 3/4 of the bottle & then projectile vomited three times.  He fell back asleep and I kept a watch on him to make sure he didn't puke in the bed and he didn't wake up again until about 6-ish.  He woke up screaming as if someone had given him a shot or something and so I made him another bottle but he wouldn't drink it.  This went on until about 11AM when I called the doctor because he still wouldn't eat [he eats around every 3 hrs and NEVER misses a meal so I knew something was up].  The first available appointment Dr. Shultz had was at 2:10PM so the nurse told me to keep Caleb upright & just keep trying to offer him little sips of formula or Pedialyte [which I didn't have at the time]. 

1PM rolls around and he's screaming and won't take anything, not even from a syringe so I call them again to see if someone had cancelled but they told me no.  At 1:15PM I left the house for the docs office.  They called me back about 10 minutes after I arrived and she checked his ears & throat and told me they both looked fine to her and told me his loss of interest in feeding and coughing, she felt, could be attributed to his acid reflux.  WHY is my child's reflux so bad?!  So she gave me samples of the Prevacid SoluTabs [which don't have a generic so they are like $50] and told me to try whatever means necessary to get fluid in him and that if he gets worse to either call them back or just take him to the ER. 

He finally ate a whole bottle at 3PM [he'd gone 12 hrs without eating ANYTHING] and at 5PM wouldn't stop crying so I called Hector and told him that we needed to take him to the ER or something because he wouldn't stop screaming.  It was the uncosolable [spelling?] scream.  So we took him to Vanderbuilt Children's Hospital ER [which is an hour away but it's the BEST hospital] and they took a look at him and basically told us the same thing the pedi had told us but gave us some tips at getting him to take fluids.  He told us he wanted to get an xray of Caleb's stomach to make sure he didn't have something that would cause the vomiting [which he didn't] and told us the nurse would bring us 1 oz of pedialyte to try and give him.  After waiting almost 45 min. for the pedialyte I said forget it and gave him a bottle which he happily ate thankfully.

Caleb has an appointment with a pediatric gastro-enterologist on June 6 [this friday] and hopefully they will find a cause & treatment for his reflux.  Our pedi told us that he might want to put a scope down Caleb's throat to check things out so I'm nervous about that.  Please please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.  Times are tough right now.  Caleb's got this going on & Noah spiked a fever yesterday that hasn't let up yet. 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:35 PM

My daughter goes to the gastroentrologist at Vandy Children's Hospital.  You made the right choice.  I hope that Caleb gets better soon.  The Doc I have for Andrea is Dr. Conrad. She was VERY helpful.  I understood everything she said. If there was anything that was questionable she was sure to answer them.  Be prepared to fill out LOTS of paper work.  LOL.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:30 PM POOR CALEB!! I will definately say a pryer for you tonite! i hope he starts to feel better, i can't even imagine how hard it must be on you with two lil' sick ones, your a strong momma...kepp me updated on caleb and noah!!! take care hun!

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