Each day of the week provides a mood or feeling that I convey throughout my day.  Lets start off with my favorite number one day of the week since as long as I can remember.  This really plays at my heart strings, because I still hear the famous jingle to the old ABC tune dancing in my mind as I mindlessly blog away on a lazy Sunday afternoon (time for fun -thank goodness-here for a good laugh it's funny! time, time, time for fun) TGIF-- Fridays of course!!! Friday has and is a giddy day filled with relief and relaxation because I mentally prepare for a long couple days off with my hubby and daughter as we sit back and absorb the weekend together as a family.   Then at the end of the spectrum for me is good old Monday--hmmm, how does the other 80's song go Monday bloody Monday-- maybe not Monday, but for me it might as well.  Mondays carries a heavy sorrowful feeling that influences me to want to just work, work, work so I can focus and get things accomplished for the long tediuos week ahead.  I feel the burdensome load continue as I cannot wait until the end of the day where I just sit back and hold my daughter on our sofa.  Especially after the whole emotional rollercoaster ride I experience being diagnosed with the case of the Monday's.  Well, all days have always correlated into some sort of feeling or mood and I just wanted to share my two days that stand out for me the most as a fun first journal post.

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Jun. 20, 2008 at 11:37 PM cool! Whats your other days like? Hope you have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!!lol

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