This isnt going to be pretty and that is why there is a warning on it (which oddly enough makes it popular, explain that pls)

1.) People who think that just because they worked their ass off all week they can go out and party all weekend. Im sorry do you have kids? So when do you spend time with them before or after your drunk ass has a hang over? Yeah real great parent, why dont you lock them in your car while you're at the bar and come out everytime you have to puke to check on them (please dont do this idiots its a figure of speech). I have a neighbor who does this, her and her man go out every freaking weekend and just leave their kid with whoever the next day they are so hung over they spend the day fighting and yelling at their child to "Shut the fuck up!". Now that is some class act parents I tell you what! But because they work so hard all week its okay for them to get trashed on the weekend because its "their" time. Then they have to ask me why i openly believe that states should reinstate sterilisations as a form of punishment for child abusers and neglectful parents.

2.) Idiots who assume they are more important then me on the road and feel the need to cut me off because Im only doing 10 over the speed limit. Thanks jackass, you gonna pay my hospital bill when i hurt my neck and the rest of my body for slamming my breaks so I dont hit you, what about my insurance or for the new breaks? No? aww, maybe you shouldnt drive like an asshole and cut people off or run through your red light because you dont feel like stopping and "it just turned red"  whatever, pink is not an okay color for a light neither are orange, light red, or the other four cars ahead of you who do it! Learn to drive yellow means slow down and stop if you can, not speed up and hit the car that was on the other side of the light where it was GREEN!

3.) The Jerk who feels the need to get the "killer" system put into their car and shake my car with their bass and crappy ass music about humping and bumping their junk. GROSS, i filter what my child watches on TV what the hell makes you think i want them jolted awake in the car by your music? There is no need for you to have every lyric be heard outside your car when your windows are rolled up. Why should I have to suffer through your overly sexual or violent music, i dont turn on the barney sing along and blast that from my car! (not that i enjoy it anymore then you do, but it keeps the kiddos happy so i deal). Your music should be up loud enough for you to hear it.. meaning if it is over 20 on the volume its too loud unless you are driving an old clunker. I turn my music DOWN when i go to stop lights our of respect if my windows are down.

Ugh! yeah thats just the three things of today.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:55 PM

ok i totally agree with all of those!!! the first because im 17 and was 16 while in high school and watching not even a yr old child for her while she went out every night to party and get messed up on drugs!! her husband was out of town alot and it pissed me off but i took my own sister to court now she cant see her kid and im thankful!! and for the most part is still today getting messed up without even trying to see her kid or even trying to get sober!!!

the second because what if u have ur kid in the car with u and u get hit and horrible thoughts are just running through ur head while spinning out of control!! i mean do ppl not think about what could happen or what could have happened its ridiculous!!

and the third because ur kids could be sleeping!! but what me and my bf do is if their blarring their music with the windows down we put something stupid on and blare it to and they usually turn it down or just get mad and speed off!!

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