Well,  Susie & I went and saw Sex in the City last night.  Please explain why this show ever went off the air in the first place?  We both really enjoyed the movie and will go again!

Those movie folks managed to put things in a nice box & tie it up in a pretty bow.  Let's just say they answered most all the unanswered questions the shows finale left us with, except a few.  So Carrie, as we know, went off and married Big- but not without a hitch.  They never took the walk down the 'big' isle, but they did finally take the walk.  Yey, I am so glad she got her man- but the movie left me wondering, did she still get her closet in that penthouse in Manhattan or not?  Ahh- the nagging questions. 

Miranda and Steve moved to Brooklyn where they are busy raising their son with the help of Magda and Miranda presses forward with her career.  But someone gets the shaft, was it Miranda or Steve?  Let's just say that their marriage falls into the same pit that most marriages experience at some point or another when their are careers, bills, and kids take over- 'the sexless pit'.  So, when Miranda and Steve finally get 'to it' Miranda tells Steve to hurry up and get it over with, after all, she has to bring home the bacon the next day, right.  Well Steve, feeling lonely, off-screen finds someone to fill the void, literally.  He confesses to Miranda, and she leaves him and moves back to the city,  the Ukraine section of the city and presses on. Do they get back together, or can she not forgive him no matter how many times he says I'm sorry?  You'll have to see the movie yourself to get the answer to that question... I can't give it all up ya know.

Charlotte, the 5th Avenue model of perfection.  Perfect wife, with the perfect husband, adopts the perfect Asian, orphan girl.  But, Miss Perfect, whom I absolutely adore, makes a mess in her pants while in Mexico.  And I do mean mess.  Mexico, Mexico you ask-when did Mexico come into the picture?  That answer my friends await you in the theater.  This is one of the funniest parts of the movie.  The problem is that there are so many funny parts, that you are so busy laughing, you miss the follow up dialog.  So now I gotta go see it again. The director did that on purpose, nice. Another great part is that while in Mexico, the girls are sunning by the pool, when Samantha sees Miranda's jungle escaping from her bathing suit, and it's on the run!!!  Can you say wax anyone?  Now can you blame Steve?  Okay, back to Charlotte- I will tell you, she does manage to get pregnant, when she never expected to, and gives birth.  Now Charlotte and hubby really have a garden to tend to.  What do I mean by that, you gotta see for yourself. 

Ahh, Samantha, my girl.  She moves away from the city to manage Smith's career in LA.  And boy, does Smith look good.  Anywho-all is well until Smith's very busy and exploding film career leave her watching her hot latin neighbor having sex, frequently, and always with someone new.  This hot & may I say, hung, Latin neighbor invites her in for a shower, but does the Samantha we all know and love jump at the chance or does she stay faithful to Smith who left her hanging while she laid naked covered in home made sushi awaiting his arrival on Valentine's Day?  Ya gotta go see to find out what she does...my girl Sam.  She gets frustrated when her new 'ever-humping' puppy gets more action than she does.  All I'll say is that some things change and some things stay the same.  Okay, I'll admit, that doesn't really clue you in.

A newcomer to the sequel was Carrie's new assistant, St. Louise.  She is wonderfully portrayed and comes just in the nick of time to save Carrie from her self, self pity that is.  St. Louise comes to the big city from where else, St. Louis, to find love.  LOVE, ahh, that magic word.  This word comes to have more meaning in the movie than we think and it actually brings things to a nice closure.  Oh, does St. Louise find what she came for- again, go see it, it's definitely worth it.

Some old favorites from the show return and surprisingly hook up during the movie, although not much attention is paid to this in the movie.  Perhaps this and other burning questions can be answered in the sequel.  There will be a sequel, won't there?  Oh, please- this can't be it.  I'm desperate for more sex. 

Signing off, I remain yours, Blondambition

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