It usually takes alot to make me anger quickly.  I am the one that tells everyone to take a step back and think a second before responding (especially if things are heated). Of course, this came with age, it didn't happen over-night. In youth, I was much more short-tempered.  Yet, there are still those things that can heat you up from 0 - 10 and here are mine...

1.  To hear someone talking negatively about my children!  This can cause a temper that is like no other.  There are ways you can approach me (even if my kids are in the wrong) that we can talk calmly about.  But if you insist on taking a lesser route, you will see a side of me that is unmistakeably like no other.

2.  Hurting anyone in my family (this includes my friends that are like my family) - I am very protective about the people I love (hence #1, above.)  We have a saying in my family "We can say what we like about one another - you, however, may not).

3. Being lied to! I hate it! I would rather you tell me the truth and we all deal with that than to lie to me.  It is unnecessary and uncalled for in my book.  I understand that most everyone (including myself) have lied - but to tell lies for no reason or because you would just rather do so to avoid the confrontation of the truth can burn me quick.

Ok - so there they are my top three - I know I could have put that the kids won't clean up after themselves - or hubby won't help out enough etc... but those things are everyday nuisance's (I just try my best to avoid the problem by finding solutions to those things and as soon as I do I will pass that knowledge along - lol)


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 8:06 PM

 3 things that make me angry are :

1. DH when he's selfish

2. DH when he is inconsiderate

3. DH when he is home !

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:06 AM LOL - I have to DITTO that sis

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