As some of you know i have to move out of this apartment i am in now. We have to be out by midnight tonight. We tried to make it sooner but the guy who was suppose to help us with a truck did not come through twice in a row. So my bf has to get a Uhaul. So whats the big deal? Well we also need to get a hotel room with a kitchenette to stay in for the next week so he has more time to find an apartment. The only problem is that he does not have enough money to get both. We cannot get any more loans because we already owe enough money as it is. Besides no one has that kind of money right now. Therefore it is down to the last resorts. He could either pawn his big screen tv or i could pawn my laptop. According to my sister, he should pawn his tv because it is his fault why we are getting evicted in the first place and this is very true. I asked him if he would consider doing it. A week ago he said he would in order to get an apartment. But now he says no because he feels that he is the only one who ever sacrifices. But the thing is for every time that he has had to sacrifice something it was for something he did. Besides i don't really have anything of worth and value but my laptop. Yesterday i came to the realization that i may have to pawn it. I discussed this with him and he said that  we will try to find a way to come up with he money. In other words he doesn't want for me to have to do that. I don't want to do it either. As a matter of fact i cried about it. To some people this would not seem like a big deal. But for me it is because i worked hard to get it. I have  always wanted one and i finally got it. Now i may have to give it up. I realize that its only temporary because my mom told me that she would help me get it back out but he would have to pay it back. So i would have to tell him that i will only pawn it if he helps me to get it out without mentioning that mom is helping. Yet its still hard considering how much i have saved on here. I have several pictures and 1000s of songs downloaded. But then again i guess i don't have to erase anything since I'm not selling it. So anyway i am not sure what to do because we really need the money so that we can have a place to stay. If it really came down to it, me and my two kids could stay at my moms house. But we were trying to avoid that considering that my sister and her bf and son are living there right now. So the house would be way too full. Plus my bf and his son wouldnt have anywhere to stay. I know i should let him worry about that but i really am concerned about their well being. I don't know what to do. But i do know that its not fair for me to have to make a sacrifice for something that is not my fault.

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