Okay, so as many of you all know my MIL is a bit on the interesting side to say the least. Today she calls hubby and he tells her he'll call her back later as he has a really bad headache. She then badgers him with questions as to why he has a headache because don't you usually know what is causing your headache?!? Anyway, he finally gets off of the phone with her and calls her back a little later. The cordless phone starts beeping that it's almost out of battery so he changes phone. She then has to know why the phone is dying and can't understand the comment that they battery needs to be recharged. Hubby brings up Jimmy in conversation (we still talk about him all of the time in a possitive way) and all he hears is dead silence. She then starts crying. Anyway, then they talk about finances again and she informs (as usual) that he doesn't know what he's talking about - he's a stock broker and actually really good with finances, but anyway. Then she asks him about getting his MBA. They went over this stuff last week - how much it will cost and what all has to be sent in. Well, one thing you have to do is write 2 papers. Her comment was that he doesn't know how to write. He informs her he writes over 100 e-mails a day (not to mention he majored in history so he wrote A LOT in school). She informs him that is NOT writting and that she's going to send him something so he can write the King's English. There was also something mentioned about Latin, but I can't remember what. Maybe I'm confused, but last I checked we were in America so we use American English now plus, there is no King only a Queen in England so there technically isn't any King's English at this time. Anyway, we've been making jokes about the King's English since. Also, it's for an MBA NOT a masters in English. Being a business major myself (acctg. & mgt), I know that they are not looking for a profound writing style. They want things simple and to the point. I swear, if she is on meds she's on the wrong ones and if she's not she needs to be on some! At least this time it was a good laugh - this is not always the case.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:04 PM Thats funny mil,s can be so weird at times lol.

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