Today these are my top three.. tomorrow they may be something different... like.. hmm.. don't mess with my kids..  

Top.. People that lie.  I cannot stand that at all.   What's the point?  Next.. Religious solisitations.. at my front door.  I have my own religious beliefs, I do not need someone especially from the JW or M people coming to my door...

Last and not least.. but a combo of both my top.. the guy who came to my door yesterday and told me he had asked my minor son if he could read whatever materials he wanted, and said he left materials with my son.. when I told him to leave.. that I was not interested.. he asked for my son by name... my son said he never even took materials from him.... what was this guy talking about?  He is a liar.   I was shaking I was so mad.  I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  I am a strong believer in prayer, healing and all that goes with those.  The bible is truth.  Forgiveness comes for those who believe and ask.  Salvation is for all.  

When I tried to call the "church" or whatever they call it.. there was no answer, and no answering machine to even leave a message on.. Cowards. 

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