Today is hubby and I's 7th anniversary!! WOW 7 years! And it's been a crazy 7 years! But I'm sure the next 7 will be even crazier! We plan on getting more cleaning done around here today and hubby is smoking 2 roasts for dinner! Heck with gas prices the way they are we couldn't afford to go anywhere! Hey it doesn't matter to me we'll have fun here at home!
Jason and the boys got a lot done in the yard yesterday! A friend of his brought over a trailer and they took a bunch of crap to the dump! I'm sure there coulda been more on that trailer, but at least most of it's gone! Now we need to focus on the inside!  
We had friends over for dinner last night! I wish we could do it more often! But with the way my work schedule is I just don't want to do much on the weekends!
Another puppy went to her new home last night! It's really hard for the kids to see them go, but they need to! My father in law took the one last night for his girlfriend, so they'll be able to see her again! The one that is left will hopefully go soon too! She's really cute and really sweet. She was lonely last night so hubby was up with her at about 4:30 AM!! I was so damn tired I didn't even hear her! Abbey really needs to get a new home ASAP! Her and Chevy got into another fight! Neither one of them got seriously injured, but Abbey does have some red marks and missing hair! She really needs to be an only dog! I had one lady asking about her and am waiting for a response back from her. As for Spaz no one has asked about him yet! Damn it!!
Ok I'm off to do some domestic goddess work lol

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