So we have been staying with my in-laws til we find a place. They wanted us to move here and said they would pay for the trip. We were fine in montana but they wanted to be closer to the kids. His dad said to stay with them because it was closer to jobs, rather than to stay with his mother in the country. Well his dad's wife has never had kids and is always complaining about the kid's toys and other stupid things that kids do. We did not beg to move here! The other day his dad tells me that we are eating up all their savings. That we are mouches. We give them money every week but it is not good enough. I just started working and when I left for work he said It's nice to finally see you go to work. My daughter just turned 4 months. I guess taking care of two babies isnt work. We put most of our money into a savings account each week so we can move out. Then everytime SO's brother and wife come over all they do is talk about us, nothing good by the way. We are looking even harder for a place right now because I cant deal with the nasty comments anymore. We did not have to move back. They are supposed to be family. Is this how families are supposed to act? I can tell you when we get our own place I am going to say something and I don't care if they like it or not. Oh, by the way they go golfing all the time, just took a trip to FLA, go to the racetrack, take the dog to a spa and was having someone clean their house for them. I am sure we spend all their money! My SO and I clean the house for them, I havent seen them clean yet. What are they going to do when we get back on our feet, who will they talk about then?Sorry this is the only way to deal with this right now.


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