Ah, the season of summer is upon us.  The garden is in full swing now,
so why not take advantage of the flowers and plants that are available
to us and work a little magic with the spirits of nature and the tides
of the Moon as we celebrate this lush and fertile season of summer.  We
have three prime days for summertime magic this month:  the Flower Moon
on June 18, the Summer Solstice on June 20, and the old Midsummer's Eve,
which is celebrated at dusk on June 24.

For a Flower Moon celebration, you can easily incorporate any white or
pink blooming flowers in the garden.  The rose is a prime flower for
summer magic - some traditions even call the June Full Moon the Rose
Moon.  Try white roses to honor the Moon and the Lady, pink roses to
promote friendship and gentle affection, or red roses to work a sultry
summertime spell for love.

Work the following Full Moon spell outdoors.  Sprinkle some fresh rose
petals all around you in a circle.  Use white petals to honor the Moon
Goddess, red for desire and passion, and pink petals for the fun and joy
of being in a romantic relationship.  Repeat the following verse, and
save a handful of petals to close out the spell:

On this the night of the Full Flower Moon,
I ask the Goddess to grant me a boon.
White flower petals for the Lady, and red petals for desire,
Pink petals for joy and the fun they inspire.
Now increase romance, send loving passion to me,
By rose petals and the power of three times three.

Now look up at the Full Moon, blow the Goddess a kiss, and toss the
remaining petals up as high as you can.  Leave the petals where they
fall, and know that romance is on its way.

To celebrate the Summer Solstice, try working with the cheerful
sunflower.  Just as you'd expect, this flower has the planetary aspects
of the Sun, and in the language of flowers it symbolizes success, fame,
and riches.  Imagine a Sabbat celebration with golden candles and tall
stems of yellow sunflowers arranged across the work area.  Light the
golden candles and turn to face the Sun.  Announce out loud your goals
for a successful life.  Then repeat the following verse three times:

On this, the longest day and the shortest night,
I work to bring my hopes and dreams to light.
Like a golden sunflower, I turn to face the Sun,
Grant me success and happiness, and let it harm none.

Allow the candles to burn in a safe place until they go out on their
own.  Let the sunflowers dry out and then let the birds have the seeds
as a snack.

For Midsummer's Eve, you could try your hand at fairy magic.  Fairies
love fragrant flowers like roses and blooming herbs.  And don't forget
those ferns!  Ferns are sacred to the fairy folk, and adding a few fern
fronds to your Midsummer bouquets is a sure way to honor the power of
the fairy kingdom.  Your daisies, yarrow, and lavender should be
blooming now, so put those blossoms together and weave a little flower
fascination for good luck and prosperity in the coming year.  Create a
small flower bouquet and go to a place in nature and repeat the
following charm:

At this time of Midsummer's Eve, the Fae are all around,
On this ancient day, it's said, fairy magic shall be found.
This bouquet all wrapped in ferns, I offer you as a token,
Grant my wish for good luck and health, as this charm is spoken.

Be sure to leave that little bouquet outdoors for the fairies.  Allow
nature to reclaim it.  I send you my best wishes for a most magical
-Ellen Dugan

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