i'm not super religious, but i do have a religion and beliefs. do you moms think attending a worship center helps with overall feelings of well being and having things work in you and your family's favor?

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 4:04 PM Yes Maam I most certainly do.I think having a since of belonging and closeness with others makes things feel better.It gives an overall sense of oneness. Being surrounded by like minded ones help heal wounds and helps you look towards the future. Genuinely being loved is rewarding and having that closeness with God is the best medicine you can ask for. The forgiveness that God shows touches you deeply, showing that loyalty by sharing in his ministry lifts your burdens and gives you focus.I get that from going myself, I can't speak for all worship center but I do know that I feel all this from the Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs witness.

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 1:16 PM I'm right there with you, I have faith, but I have this thing about "organized" religion. Growing up, the parents had us kids go through about 5 different religions and do the whole church thing. Honestly, it rubbed me the wrong way. Up until now that I'm an adult with my own kids. I decided to give it another chance. I found this "non-denominational" church that was very easy going...not somebody trying to shove the bible down your throat. And I really liked it. Unfortunately, due to scheduling, school, activites, etc....I stopped going on Sundays. I guess the good thing is that I do miss it, I did feel BETTER everytime I left. Uplifted so to speak. So I would like to return. And to answer your question, YES, I do think that it "helps" to actually physically attend church here and there just to get that "rejuvenated" feeling back, AND to acquaint the Kiddos to "GOD" and spirituality. Anyway, my 2 cents....Apparently, I'm in the mood to type, cause I left you a nice chapter to read here....LOL. Take Care.

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