Friday morning I drove up and met ss's BM halfway to get ss because dh was working and she had to work when he got out of work so morning was the only time it could be done, leaving me to do it! It was a good trip. On the way back I stopped at a park about 10 minutes from our house that I'd never been to. It was HOTTTT outside and I'd heard a rumor about that park and wanted to see if it was true and surprise the kids if it was!  So we get there (Kaitlynn, Nicky, my 1 year old cousin Leah and myself) and as we're walking towards the park I saw it...THE RUMORS WERE TRUE! AWESOME!!!! They had one of those ground fountains that shoots water randomly out of the ground and you can run and play in it! The kids were ecstatic. Eventhough they were all fully clothed I let go of the reins a little and allowed them to get drenched. It was a good time! They got stripped down in the car and changed when we got home. Then Friday afternoon Kaitlynn and Nicky and I took daddy and SD there as a 'surprise'. This time armed with bathing suits! The kids had a blast until the sun disappeared and it went from 78 to 68 degrees IN MINUTES! They started shivering and their lips turned blue...TIME TO GO! lol But while we were there they LOVED it!!

Once their lips were officially purple I got them changed and the kids played on the playground.

 That's my ss, the monkey boy!!

 Saturday we took the kids to see the Barnum and Bailey Circus and they LOVED IT!!! My sd (who is 10) wasn't as into it as the little ones were but she still had fun. I had just as much fun as the kids did! I hadn't been to a Circus in YEARS so it was a very nice treat for the kids and myself. The elephants were AWESOME! Where can I get one of those?


The tigers were pretty cool too!

But the horse tricks were the best!! This guy was AMAZING! Yes, he is hanging upside down off the side of his horse!

These are the expressions Nicky and Kaitlynn had on their faces almost the WHOLE time!

Before the Circus started we got to go down into the ring and see all the performers up close.

That was fun! Except they had their butts to us almos the whole time! lol

We got the kids little 'souveniers'.


and I even got to take a picture with my HUSBAND??!!!! I had to take it myself but I got one!!

The wind was whipping, we got in the car in perfect time though because it started pouring rain and some major storm blew in with thunder and lightning....but from rain you get....



Not just you see the second one?? About two inches to the right you can see a faint one. BEAUTIFUL!


Today I'm taking the kids back to the 'water park' now that it's warmer outside! It's a GREAT weekend!! I hope yours are all great too!!


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:02 PM Wow lots of fun! Scary weather

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:49 PM Very cool!!! Love the pics! Glad you were able to check out the park and playground...what a great surprise for all!!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:57 PM What an awesome weekend you're having!  Very very very cool!  Love your pics, too!  I almost felt as if I was right there with you!  Have an awesome week as well!  ♥

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