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Ok so Mark surprised me by picking up my moms kayaks and taking me to Alabama to take pictures and see some waterfalls.


Here's some background behind this little adventure. When Mark and I first met we were obsessed with taking pictures of beautiful places we knew about. We were hanging out one day and he was taking me to Acworth (he lived in Atlanta at the time)  to look at some pictures on his work computer. Once we got there he asked me if I had to be anywhere that day and after i replied no he kidnapped me and wouldn't tell me where we were going. Well we ended up in Alabama in Sand Rock to see Little Rock Village after driving around we found this waterfall! So the reason it was so awesome that we went back was because all the pictures we took after exploring this waterfall up close the external hard drive which I had all of our pictures of everything since BEFORE we knew each-other was stolen from our house.


So first we go up to Little River Falls and check it out. This is a place he used to come to a lot as a kid and jump off the top! Crazy boy.

Pretty rainbow in the waterfall!

Awesome stacked rock that occurs naturally

Looking over the edge. I can't believe they used to jump off the top of this thing!

On the way to Weiss Lake we made a short pit stop to see my favorite tree in Alabama. It's a huge tree that the center has been burned and hollowed out by lightening and it's still alive. it's all misshapen and very cool.


Next we started heading to Weiss lake to kayak back to the waterfall. You can't hike to it because it's all private property. Once you get back there there are some big cliffs above you and you have to climb some pretty scary rocks and hills to get to it. We were really tired half way back and realized we need to get out more again because we are out of shape...

There it is we are almost there!!!


So pretty. A great end to an awesome day!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:31 PM Wow great pics!  Looks like you had a blast!  I love to see stuff like that! Don proposed to me on top of a waterfall! :-)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:54 PM

Looks like you had a blast.I just got back from Fall Creek Falls Tennessee yesterday.For a minute it looked like the same place.

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