Well i finally started to watch my weight one week ago i started off at 262 and now am down to 255 i know its not a big diff but since its only been 5 days i am very proud of my self :)!!! woohooooooo MEEE!!! the reason i actually started this is not a good one i know you have to loose weight for yourself and in part i am but a big part of it is my mother in law, ohh that lady!!! i barely meet her a month ago i've been with her son for 8 years now since i was 14 but she's been in mexico and i didn't want to go meet her :) so she came to stay with us to meet her grandchildren my 4 kids :) and my husband said she was nice but shes not :( all she seem to talk about is this person and that person and when she talks about someone overweight she happens to say "so and so is so fat like you lorena" oh she makes me so mad because she too is overweight!!!!anyways to make a long story short even though my husband loves me how i am and he says "babe you gave me 4 kids i don't care how your body looks i love it like that" yeah whatever hun!! so we are going to baptise his younger brothers baby in december 2008 and even though his brother knows how i look and has never said anything about my weight i don't want to go to mexico looking like this :( i know it sounds bad but you see where they live my husband says his mom is the nicest so i dont want to go there meet the rest of his family and have them tell me something that will hurt me because i know me and if they call me fat i'll tell them this " Yes i am but you see i can't help it, it's not my fault i have money and can afford to eat something other than beans and rice lmao" no offens to anyone i am Mexican and i know they eat other things sice i do too its just something that i know i would say so i've decided to give it a try and get down to 160 lbs be4 we go and if i don't loose them atleast i'll know i've tried so please support me :)

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:16 PM

Look at it this way! go to the store and put 6 lbs of sugar side by side and see how much it is! and then you will see that it is a big accomplishment. As for what enyone one else thinks.


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