I wish life would give me a little bit of a break right now.....see I was diagnosed with preeclampsia when i arrived at the hospital and was induced and ever since then, i have been on bp medicine (one 3times a day, and other 1 time a day) to help control my bp.....and on top of that, i had a 3rd degree laceration in delivery and recently got a concussion....anyway, then my husband's heart has been acting up quite a bit lately (he has a heart condition called tachycardia (sp?)....his problem is that he has too many passage ways going to his heart.....), which means that on top of trying to recover from all that im going through, i have to take care of my husband (he tries to help with Riley, but there are alot of times that he just can't because of his heart) who has ended up in the er a couple of times since riley was born, and then I have to take care of Riley and try to get some rest as well....anyway, i just wish that my bp would go back to normal and that i would get back to good health so that it would make it easier here....

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