In all honestly..there is only one major thing that makes me angry faster then I can blink and this is NO RESPECT. No respect pertains to EVERY SINGLE aspect of our lives..whether it is self respect or the respect for others. Trying to get out of an elevator when someone is pushing their way in (to go where?), not holding a door open for someone, having no respect for senior citizens (which we will all be one day), not being honest and loyal to ourself or our family, beeping our car horns to go absolutely nowhere, stealing, lying, cheating.  CHILD ABUSE _ ELDER ABUSE in any shape or form! What is going on with the people of today? Truthfully...find a GOD (Good Orderly Direction) and use it to improve all aspects of your life. We need to RESPECT. So "No Respect" absolutely angers me!

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Jun. 24, 2008 at 1:19 AM Well said!

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