Date: May 31, 2008                                                                                                Contact: Stephanie Nichols
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                              Mom finds Freedom at Home

Member of the fastest growing team in AmeriPlan

(Madison, AL) Stephanie Nichols  has built a successful business at home, earned the first management level of Regional Sales Director within AmeriPlan®, and has found true financial Freedom at Home, all while being a ‘Work at Home Mom’.

Like many other Americans, Stephanie, and her husband, Shaun, found it necessary to have two incomes to get by. Each morning, Stephanie's routine included  getting her children up, ready, fed and out the door to preschool (if it were a preschool day), then back home to hours of endless houseowork. She found herself wanting an income, to help out. Stephanie begin to feel badly that her husband was spending twelve-plus hours each day out of the home, working hard, and yet she was bringing in nothing. She finally decided to go back to work, but that did not work out as well as they had thought it would. Stephanie soon realized that missing her childrens' important moments, even in preschool, felt horrible. So she dove into endless hours of searching the internet for something she could do from home.

This work at home mom is one of more than 50,000 Independent Business Owners (IBO) who have joined AmeriPlan®, all working toward building financial freedom from home.  She is also a member of the Freedom At Home Team™, the largest and fastest growing team in AmeriPlan®.

I had always dreamed of being a stay at home mom and being the nurturing figure in my child's life was very important to me.  I found myself searching for something I could do from home... this is when I found AmeriPlan®,” stated Nichols  “AmeriPlan® and the Freedom At Home Team™ offered a simple system to follow that I could work around my family’s schedule.”  

“I help people save money on their healthcare expenses and assist others make money by offering our great benefits,” Nichols' continued.   “In five months, I became a Regional Sales Director with AmeriPlan®.  I now have fun working part time from home – all around my childrens' nap time, and I never have to worry about asking a boss for time off to do something I want to do, take care of my sick children, or go on a vacation. I have truly found freedom at home.” 

Stephanie Nichols is the latest Freedom At Home Team™ (FAHT) member to reach the level of Regional Sales Director.  She is already working on the next management level and is helping other team members achieve their dreams of ‘firing their boss’. 

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“The training, support and leadership that is found within the Freedom At Home Team is amazing,’ stated Nichols.  “Anyone who is coachable, trainable and has the desire to succeed can do so on this team.  I am proof that their system works.”

The FAHT is the fastest growing team in AmeriPlan®, with more than 1,000 new IBOs joining, each month.  The FAHT has been spotlighted in several national magazines, including Success from Home, Home Business and Your Business at Home.  This team has been recognized with several top honors going to its members including: ‘Chairman Advisory Board’, ‘Business Builder’ and ‘Rising Star’ awards, along with the past three ‘Rookie of the Year’ awards. 

Many of the FAHT members have been top producers of the company and have been rewarded with trips including an Alaskan cruise and most recently an all expense paid trip to Quebec City.  There are numerous members that have been recognized for the different income levels they have reached by being named to AmeriPlan’s Founder’s Club and President’s Club.  Collectively, FAHT members earn roughly $1.5 million a year in residual income, all from the comfort of their home.

“The income opportunity with AmeriPlan® is absolutely unbelievable, if you are willing to work hard and work the system.  If you had told me how our lives would have changed since I first joined, I would have never believed it,” stated Janie Jones, AmeriPlan® National Vice President and founder of the FAHT.   “We have helped many people create a life they only dreamed of having.  I am now living out my dreams, and I can’t wait to tell others about it every day.” 

“We are deeply committed to improving the lives of all our team members. Our efforts are focused on assisting these individuals in reaching their dreams of having the time and resources to enjoy life on their own terms.  From stay at home parents, to people out of the workforce, to students and retirees we are willing to partner with all of them to help them reach their own goals,” stated Janie’s husband and business partner, Michael Jones.


Located in Plano, Texas, AmeriPlan® provides individuals, families and businesses across the United States, affordable medical, dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic benefits.  They have saved its members hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992.  They are members of the Consumer Health Alliance, the Direct Selling Association, National Association of Dental Plans, National Association of Health Underwriters and the United States Chamber of Commerce.  With over 400,000 Medical Providers, 30,000 Dental Providers, 7,500 Chiropractors, 50,000 Retail Pharmacies and 12,000 Optical Providers, and more than 1.5 million members nationwide AmeriPlan’s network is strong and growing each day. 

To learn more about AmeriPlan®, the Freedom At Home Team™ or to find out how you can find your freedom at home, contact: Stephanie Nichols at (256)325-9492 or visit her website:

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