Hello everyone..

 This is my 1st real post since I have been back.. I have been so busy since I last used this site makeing changes in my life I have come to turms with alot of things in my life and I am a better person now not that I was a bad person befor. I would just let more get to me befor like the fact that I can't spell and forget to use spell check but I am dyslexic and have good resion not to spell things right.. It used to be that I would sit infront of the computer and cry everytime someone made a snide comment on my spelling and grammer. I used to worry none stop and what people thought of me and if they really liked me or were just pitty friends and now thats all diffrent if people want to go off on me because I cant spell and my grammer or lack there of is awful thats fine I will no longer feel bad for me I will just feel bad for them because there life must be so boreing/bad that in order to make them selfs feel good they need to try to make me feel bad and as for the worrying about what people think of me well thats not inportent eather because I cant change who I am so they can eather like me for me or take a hike I am not going to change who I am for anyone I am me and thats the best I can be..

My name is Jammie,
 I am 28,
My fave color is pink.
 My fave animal for a pet is a dog (even though I dont have one right now)
I have a little girl named hailey she is my life.. I smoke I am trying to quit its harder the 3rd time around but this time when I do it I am not going to start up again no matter what gose wrong in my life.
 I am married not always happaly but then again who has the purfect marrige?? I live in canada I just moved from a little mountian town called salmo thats in bc I moved back to the city because I am closer to my mom and the doctors I need for my health problems... Since the move I have not had and dont have as much time for the net as I did in salmo there is so much to do with my daughter out here that I am out alot with her...
 That is why I joind this sight again..I will have alot more to post about and as soon as I find the card reader I will have alot more pics to add on here.. its so nice being in the city right now my mom and I live in the same building and that makes life alot easyer because hailey can see her grandma anytime she wants yesterday she spent the day there. Dont think I just dump her on my mom cause thats not the case she just desided she wanted to go to grandmas and no matter what I said she didnt want to come home lol well she just got up from her nap so I need to go make her a snack I hope to meet a lot of nice new people


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:39 PM hey welcome to the club, i feel like a big dummy ----I have no idea how none of this works but I am trying on my own cause if I get my kids to help , they usally take over . this is something I want to learn all by myself. slowly but surely i'm coming around ,I think lol.  JUST KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

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