just took a test today and it seems im about 3 weeks along,going to take a blood test tomarrow to make sure.hope it all goes well b/c im pretty postitive i am and the last pregnancy was a tubal and i had to have emergency surgery and they found out i was 6 week s along not three,so it was very scary and could have taken my life,but now... with that three mos behind me and lots of trying within the time fame permitted we seem to be preg. am about 1 week away from my"period" so that puts me about 3 weeks:)kept on taking those tests and finally got one with a very light pink pos. sighn...wish me luck and health on both ends:):)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:38 AM

Well this is very exciting news, I hope that everything works out wonderful and in not time you will be holding your new little angel.

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