Okay, so for Memorial Day Weekend we decided to go camping!  The funny thing is (and I don't know if it's because I am a girl and or the oldest child in my family) but my husband said he had the site "under control."  I mentioned that now a days you should make sure that you have reservations, but he said where we were going we didn't need any.  Yeah right!  We went to where "there would be no problem finding a camping (tent style) site" and low and behold................2 hours away from home and the camp site was PACKED!  We drove around for about 3 hours, a ferry ride away from home, and all grumpy because we had all woken up at 5am and it was now NOON!!!!  All because the DH didn't want to make "reservations!!"  Well we finally found a camp site that told us if we hung out until 1pm then they could see what they could do....this was our last camping option before heading home....................and it worked out!  We ended up at camp site 29!!!, the best one there-all because of the Ranger!  We were at Fort Flagler, so there was a lot of things to do.

      Most of the time we just chilled and hung out.  The first day there was setting up our tents, getting to know the camp ground, and just chilling in the tents.  The first morning there it was drizzling a little bit, but by 9am it was HOT HOT HOT!  That day we went on a 3 mile walk that took about 3 hrs+, we went into a TON of bunkers and got to see how they were set up to protect our coast!!!  AWSOME!!
later that day my brother called me to let me know that he was in the ER Sunday night, so I had to deal with that situation. He is fine by the way.  It seems like the oldest is the one who everyone calls (I love it and don't mind it at all) but I felt bad that I couldn't have been there for him!!  The next morning (our last morning there) it was really rainy and cold, so we ended up leaving around 10am, so I could get back to my brother and take care of him a little bit.

     Here are some photos, so you can feel like you were part of our FIRST family camping trip.  NOTE: we've all been camping before, but never as a family of just the 3 of us.  It was an AWSOME bonding experience!!



  Michael: The guy in the background and one of his friends were in the water catching HUGE crabs! They handed Michael one, so he could hold a BIG ONE!!!

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