First anyone saying mean things towards my family and friends.

Second.People passing judgement. It makes my skin crawl to be looked upon because we havn't been to church. Or If my Sister in law screwed up again and another sister in law just is awful about it. ( Mind you my awful sister in law cries every-time I get pregnant even though my husband and I have been together 17 years and married for almost 13.) I firmly believe it is NOT our place to judge others. We all do things in life that are not the best choices and   I FIRMLY BELIEVE  there is only one who can judge us. NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!  ( Sorry for the rant)

Third, Not believing that there is somthing to be learned from every situation. I have had a ton of ups and downs over the last few years and It makes me mad when people get into a situation and give up. I try to look for a positive even in the most awful situations. ( I suppose it is my form of survivial.) I will admit I Love God and I believe God gives us challenges (good or bad) to draw us closer to him. There have been a few bad situations where bad things have happened and people ask if I blamed God, my response is always no. I simply say its his way of teaching me somthing good, that nothing is greater than him and there will be a positive. (eventually) People ( my mom mainly ) I could not have been that understanding with Him. I wish every one could have faith. ( That is not my choice and I do understand that.)

Sorry for the rant. These are my feelings and are not ment to offend anyone.

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