OK! So we live in a subdivision with lots of little kids. Ages 6 months to 8 years old. There are many in the mix, all different ages. Sonia is going to be 2 in June. Up until the spring, she hasn't spent that much time with the kids in the neighborhood because she was too young and because it was too cold outside. Now, she sees the same bunch of kids (with or without their parents) daily. They know her name and by now, they know who she is, where she lives, and that she's learning how to talk--thus, she can't really explain herself yet. She's not even two!

Anyway, today we were walking outside and she approached these kids who were having a mini-picnick outside. They had water, milk, and hotdogs/corn dogs on the blankets. Not just one or two..but many. So, she approached and was staning there, looking at the food. The kids started panicking and saying how they didnt' want her takin their food. She doesn't really understand English (we speak Russian at home) and kept staryin at the food. It was dinner time. We still haven't been home and were just on our way back to have dinner. The kids insisted she couldn't have any. I didn't ask them to give her food, by the way, I just stood there and observed. When she made a move towards the corndog, I told her not to take one because the kids started screaming "no, no, don't take, it's ours". So, I took her away, she was crying. I couldn't stop myself from making a comment, in English, that "these kids just haven't been taught to share".  We went home.

The point is---teach your kids to share--it's not hard to offer a corn dog to a baby that lives across your house. Because when we bring food out, we give it to all hte kids who come by. And while  I can understand that 5 year olds may not be advance yet to realize this..here i'm talking about 8 year old kds. I'm just really frustrated because of this. It's not a big deal. At the same time--it's a big deal to me. I hate to see my baby being screamed at because she wanted to grab a corn dog.


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