Well the Doc. said is Gastroenterittis he gave her a med that has to go in her butt. he said it was  to start working in 30 mins. and that it should bring her fever down which was 102.1 and it hasn't so I think i will be takeing her to the er. I will update you all later.


Well The ER doc said it was not Food poisoning. It is a UTI ( urinary track infection). They gave her Tylenol but when that didn't break her fever she had to take this little pill. Finaly the fever broke. Well Lanna had to get a shot. They wanted her to pee. Well they where getting ready to order Lanna a Chathader SP? When the nurse was on the phone getting redy to order it Lanna finaly went pee. She hadn't gone pee or poop for over 24 hrs. We finaly got home late last night.

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